About American Fenians

American Fenians is a site dedicated to the study and research of the role of the Fenian Brotherhood in the United States from it’s inception in 1858 until the late 1870. The focus is during and after the American Civil War and includes the Irish and Irish American quest for a free Irish Republic in North America as well as Ireland and Britain.

Through these posts we will continue to explore this period in history and the role the Fenians played throughout this period.

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One thought on “About American Fenians”

  1. I’m trying to find someone who can point me to a good source for more in-depth information about Michael Scanlan’s involvement with the Fenians beyond his poetry.

    My aim is to write a proper biography on him in the next couple years, and I have little to nothing beyond an unverifiable account based on a lot of heresy, a few news blurbs, and passing mentions from his contemporaries.

    My maternal grandma’s great-grandmother was Michael’s sister, Mary, and at some point the McQuaids and Scanlans were separated by midwestern anti-Catholic sentiment when the McQuaid orphans were sent to Protestant “relatives” in Wisconsin.
    Her dad knew hardly anything about his family because of it.

    Another thing I’m curious about is whether or not Mary’s husband, David, had any involvement with the Fenians as well.
    Given that all the Scanlan brothers were part of the organization, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think he would be.

    Any suggestions, links, email contacts, or possible relatives that could give me a good direction to dig in is very appreciated.


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