Fenian Flags modeled after Old Glory

G.A. Hayes-McCoy (1911-1975) was an Irish Historian and Editor of the Irish Sword, the journal of the Military History Society of Ireland. He contributed to the The Irish Press Newspaper a series called “Under These Flags” which ran from 1948-1950s, published several times a week on historic Irish flags, which was later compiled into his book – A History of Irish Flags from Earliest Times. It is considered the definitive book of historical Irish Flags and it’s vexillology.

Fenian Flag Hayes McCoyIn his January 21st, 1949 Irish Press article, Hayes-McCoy displays a Fenian flag from 1865 with a little history. It was only a drawing found by police after a raid, but it belonged to Michael Moore of Dublin. Moore was arrested then put on trial as a Fenian.

Moore was a known Fenian and when Britain suspended habeas corpus, he was held for suspicion. While no actual flag did exist, the sketch in his book obvious posed a threat to British authorities. He was rounded up with many other Fenians as well as former Civil War Veterans who came back to Ireland.

This Fenian Flag was modeled after the US Flag, except where it was dark on this newsprint, that was green and instead of 5 point starts in the canton, there were thirty two six point yellow stars.

Pages from 317618210-A-History-of-Irish-Flags-From-Earliest-Times-FENIAN-GA-Hayes-McCoyie_fen1867b

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